Here are a few questions to ponder that can jumpstart your joy. Just the simple act of thinking about these topics will get you started in creating more joy in your life. First, try to answer the questions mindfully. Next, do the exercises. These will become automatic instant joy tools for when you wish to access joy in the future. Remember to have fun with these!

Write down the five most joyful experiences of your life in as much detail as you can. Keep that going so that you can add to it later.

Would you say that you feel joy:

never, rarely, sometimes, often, always

Can you feel joy right now by recalling one of those experiences?

Would you like to learn how to that anytime you want and create new joyful moments every day?

Who are your joy bringers? Name them. Post their names in a prominent location. Make a note to share some joy with them as soon as possible.

What behaviours of yours are your joy killers? Take your time. Start with the obvious ones. Maybe talk about it in therapy.

Create ten Joy Blasters that you can go out and blast the world with. An example would be a super cute rubber animal toy or a fantastic card, a wild flavour of gummy bear or tickets to a show! Whatever is in your means is a good one.

Words are nice. Write ten Joy Givers that you can say to anyone in any situation to bring the joy up and the negativity down!

Don’t forget to stop and appreciate the joy you have created and of course, share it with others!

We authentically inspire all on the joyful evolution of thought to vision, vision to dream, dream to goal, and goal to reality.

The idea preceded the name. It is very much my love project and comes from my own desire to follow a dream, a red dream actually! I manifested it and now am creating a place for others as they explore that first calling to desire, a transition into practice, and from there move brilliantly onto their own stage as I did. What struck me about this process— which is empowering, challenging, inspiring, and so much more— is that the baseline feeling that carries us through the entire experience is joy. Naturally, the studio’s name was derived from the sight, sound, and feeling of joy!

It’s a 3 step journey to (and in) joy, sometimes nonlinear. We have delved deep to distill ancient wisdom and methods with modern practices to outline the clearest way to not only access and maintain but actually grow your joy. As you continue on your JOYELY journey, you will discover much more about the JOYELY formula: FIND, BE AND SHARE!