The World Council of Joy Presents First Executive Level Event In Denver

Since early 2020, Sheryl Lynn, Founder of JOYELY, and Chair of Joy™ have been making their way around the United States speaking to CEOs, Executives, Leaders, and 500+ influencers visiting over 35 cities, to date. Every Chair of Joy™ Experience includes guiding each ‘sitter’ into mindful meditation with the emphasis on bringing joy to the surface of their minds; making joy a priority for each participant.

The Science of Joy proves through multiple studies, that living & working with merely the attitude of Joy is highly influential and is a catalyst for positive change for everyone. Attention to joy is the simplest, most cost-effective avenue for reducing anxiety, increasing productivity, leaving everyone feeling empowered. The event will feature Chair of Joy™ Experience.

Featured Guest Speaker : Robert White

A transformational architect for executives, speaker on Leadership and author of “Living an Extraordinary Life” Get a signed and inscribed copy at

Rest of the guest speakers lineup and will be announced soon.

Featuring the Chair of Joy™

September 16, 2021
Denver, Colorado

1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

JOYELY Celebration
4:30 PM to 6:30 PM

Location : Asterisk Denver
1075 Park Ave West, Denver CO 80205

What to Expect

  • Experts of Living JOYELY
  • Chair of Joy™
  • Science of Joy
  • ROI of Joy
  • Contribute to World Peace

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