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  • Personal 1-on-1 Culture Training for your CEO
  • Group Coaching for the Executive Team
  • Training for Upper Level Management
  • Company-wide Fun and Engaging Workshops
  • Seminars on the FUNdamentals of Joy
  • Community Chair of Joy™ Events

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Program Overview

Joyely Premium Access

Give your workforce access to recorded Chair of Joy™  Experiences that focus on 20 specific employee-related challenges that arise throughout the day. Availability for employees to utilize the Chair of Joy™ when, where, and how they need it.

Engagement Resources

JOYELY provides customizable easy-to-use promotional and marketing assets to reward your employees as well as drive continued engagement.

Curated Content for Work

Live & recorded workshops and trainings curated to your culture and employee needs that support them to move through challenges, recognize negative patterns and begin to take inspired actions from a place of empowerments, instead of fear, worry, anger or frustration.

Digital Events & Webinar

Provide your leaders and employees with monthly webinars and regular workshops, specific to your organization’s needs, to help them learn how to use the Power of Joy to impact their performance and results.

Account Management

Your JOYELY assigned Chief Joy Officer is responsible for onboarding, implementation, and delivery of our program that is customized to work with your current systems and processes.

Reporting & Analytics

Receive Assessments and Evaluations of the progress of your employee’s productivity and engagement with our monthly Joy Lift Analytics. This highlights the Return on Investment from this program.

Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to these questions only apply to Joyely Clients post October 17, 2022

We welcome everyone to use  the Chair of Joy Experience of Sit, Breath, Think, Feel anywhere, anytime. When it comes to corporate culture, you may find it difficult to push the boulder up the hill all by yourself. You may even be singled out as “out of touch” with reality. It’s rare that a team can create the habits, the environment, and provide the coaching necessary to integrate joy effectively into their culture on their own. Changing a culture takes in-depth training and the science of joy and knowledge of how to use the Power of Joy to improve your results with an expert team can make all the difference.

The Culture of Joy programs by Joyely focus on the individual. We aim to give the power of joy to each individual, to help them create joy by and for themselves, first and then harness the power of what we call the “Joyely individual”, to spread it to others. There are many great programs while we’ve seen that most tend to ignore the strength of the individual and focus  on external relationships. This creates stale teams that aren’t truly connected. Joyely focuses on empowering each team member first with the power of joy, so that relationships have a solid foundation to build upon and team activities the naturally feel more sincere. The flow of a newfound, positive internal energy creates an uplifting culture which simply and naturally improves results and performance.

JOYELY Corporate Programs are billed with 50% due upon signing of the contract with the balance of the investment paid in equal monthly installments thereafter.

You will receive an invoice via email. We accept most major credit and debit cards as well as payments via ACH and by check.

Your investment in a Culture of Joy is customized to your needs as our the programs we deliver. While pricing is often specific to your company’s size, it’s not uncommon to create a highly individualized WOW event with our clients. For planning purposes, know that programs can range from $5,000 to $100,000+. We are happy to be conscious of your budget. “Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it can sure help.” The same is true for joy in the workplace.

Please note that JOYELY Programs are currently only available for purchase in USD

Your Culture of Joy Program begins immediately upon signing your agreement, submitting your payment, and scheduling your Kick Off to Joy Call with the Joyely Team. Kick offs are preferred to be scheduled within 24-72 business hours of signing in order to preserve momentum, however, start dates are flexible and based on a first come, first serve basis.

Joy will never be limited by delay, but the sooner we can create a solid plan and help you access it more fully, the better for everyone. 🙂

Your personal assigned Chief Joy Officer and a selected liaison from your team will work in harmony for all implementation. Joyely will provide regular reporting to your executive team as part of this journey to a culture of joy.

Your JOYELY team of experts, strategists, and trainers will work in unison as a hands-on team from start to completion and ensure all elements of your program are fulfilled with joy.

Yes, you may change your liaison at anytime. It may be helpful to note that trained personnel are the best fit to further enhance Culture of Joy objectives, however, we are eager and ready to assist with any level of experience your chosen liaison may have. In fact, sometimes the least experienced individual is the humblest and most ready to assist in the most effective way.

It is also good to note here that measuring weekly key performance indicators (KPIs) is  an important part of your success. While these reports should be reviewed and considered regularly, we hope that your team has a deep education with the concept of lead indicators versus lag indicators. If not, please feel free to request a training.

Also be aware that consistent participation by all admitted leadership personnel is important in order to understand Culture of Joy and measure value provided.  We do need time, attention, and feedback in order to create an incredible experience so that your investment produces results that’ll have you beaming to incorporate Joyely into your long-term growth vision.

Yes! We have team awards as well as individual awards.

This is an exciting part of the JOYELY Program.  We have awards for completion of each segment of the program as well as competitive awards for those who are implementing and driving your company goals forward and creating results as they use their Chair of Joy™ Experience to propel success for all.

Included in the program are KPI assessments to monitor Culture of Joy progress. Together we will choose 3 primary KPIs from which we can gather specific data that is measurable, achievable, and enables all of us to track and improve performance.

Our goal is to become a permanent member of your organization which means we aim for renewal based on the value we help you achieve. At any point of time, you may choose to upgrade and solidify a long-term arrangement with Joyely in order to create the most cost effective partnership possible.

When the JOYELY Program you have invested is completed, JOYELY will deliver all final reports and analytics based on the 3 primary KPIs originally agreed upon. A closing interview will be conducted with executive team members to assess these results and we will seek feedback in order to create a continuation of the program for greater impact or to improve our processes for future clients. All active programs will of course have to cease until a new financial arrangement has been agreed upon and paid, so we approach these conversations by the 70% completion date in order to ensure no disruption of culture occurs. Research shows that stability and consistency are two of the most important factors related to job satisfaction, so your team knowing your commitment level to the Culture of Joy program is important for everyone involved. 

In all fairness, you don’t. We are selective regarding what type of entities we work with and we need clients who have organizations that are ready for this experience. Culture comes down to energy, so we only accept the most prepared clients as to maintain our own positive, joyful energy.

In summary,  this means we need you to be completely responsible for the energy that you bring into our conversations. We will also be responsible for the positive energy that we leave behind for you and others that we serve.  Prioritizing the Chair of Joy™, aka creating a Culture of Joy, allows us to focus on self-awareness and the residual effects of our choices tend to bless the lives of those that we serve.

If that sounds like an energy that you’d like more of, please come to the call ready to discuss your questions and doubts with a hopeful demeanor. We appreciate you and wish you the best either way though!


Our goal is to create a great culture together. And it “takes two to tango”. In this case, it takes a willing team. The Chair of Joy™ helps to clarify what’s working and not working well within your organization. The JOYELY Programs open the doors to an elevated level of engagement that benefits your team, clients, and even your prospects. You’ll benefit from:

  • More productive and efficient team members
  • More positive collaboration
  • Increased innovation and creativity
  • More engagement of team members
  • Better staff retention rates
  • New recruits choosing you over the competition
  • And an overall happier workplace

We lead the way and it’s your responsibility to follow and assist as we encourage others to jump on this culture of joy ride! Let’s enjoy this together!

Upon setting up the Kick Off to Joy meeting, we will establish House Rules of Engagement together. Needs and requirements will be accessed based on your unique team. The Joyely team coordinates with your liaison and executives to set up parameters for the program in order to ensure success that meets your requirements, accommodates to the best of our abilities to all desires while empowering us with the time commitments necessary to achieve the desired results.

The schedule set forth will account for any and all strategic planning, sessions for your team members, event fulfillment, and training and/or assignments that are deemed beneficial for your team. Every company that we have worked with has unique guidelines. We are confident that we can incorporate your needs into our plans in a well-structured manner as well.

Great leaders and CEO’s maintain several amazing “attitudes” for success. For the Culture of Joy, an encouraging attitude is crucial. The Chair of Joy™ Experience influences and transforms the individual when practiced correctly. You and your team members will experience improved productivity and an enhanced work-life balance with a sincere effort.

We’re excited to see you enjoy a new positive attitude from your team members as a significant and priceless result simply by trusting in and working with Joyely to establish your elevated Culture of Joy. Your team will thank you for years to come for providing this experience.

Please reach out to us by booking a Discovery Call with a Joyely team member. We’re here to answer all questions and no financial commitments are discussed until we’ve had the opportunity to assess your team’s needs properly.


8+ Team Members

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