“Chair of Joy™”

Listen in as our Executives of JOY tell us why JOY is a priority in their lives every single day.


Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Meet Nikki: CoFounder and CEO of the Goodie Two Shoes Foundation

What does it take to have a meaningful life? Money? Love? Or how about Joy?

One of the best ways to enjoy life is to discover your meaningful past. Over time, we all develop a past. If you stop, sit still, listen, the memories will come rushing back. One of the worst outcomes of a long life is to look back on a past that we regret. A past of squandered opportunities is sure to make you cringe when you look back on your life. We all want to have a great story to tell and share as Nikki does.

Nikki is passionate about her foundation work, being a good person, and encouraging her children to do the same.

Nikki’s Joy Link In Life: The Elements of Anticipation and Surprise.
The excitement of childhood memories can foster even more joy and lasting memories.

Grandma washed the sand off Nikki’s feet at the beach and Wildfire stood very still while she jumped off his back into the lake.  Watch Video!

Q: How could you package up that joy of anticipation and send it to others?
Nikki: Many ways, endless packaging possibilities really.  We all forget we have a little kid in us but we all love that tingly happy feeling when we are surprised.   Wrap it up any way you want to and surprise someone today.  Get creative. Why not!?

Nikki tells us that it’s important to slow down for a minute and look for the joy in our everyday lives, take time to get in-tune with it, feel its power, and celebrate its meaning.

Isn’t it true that we forget to value experiences and relationships? Possessions take over sometimes. Our society is perhaps the most materialistic on Earth. Our society also doesn’t rank anywhere near the top for feeling joyful. That’s a strong clue that possessions aren’t all that meaningful.

“I am a very creative person, and I need to force myself to take those creative opportunities that involve painting writing because they do get lost in the busy of life,” reflects Nikki.

You get to choose what will give your life meaning. In fact, choosing joy today, which is oftentimes comes with no price tag, but it is priceless is going to create that meaningful past.  It’s entirely in your hands, but it’s important to make a conscious choice now to choose joy.


Thank you Nikki for taking the time to find joy for yourself and for others. You are creating a ripple of joy for thousands and thousands of people because you and they are worth it.


Location: Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Meet Laura:  Professional Speaker,  Productivity Pro Leadership USA, Past President of National Speakers Association, Johnnys Ambassador Founder

When you get right down to it, what most people want is to live a peaceful, joyful life and make more money than they need to spend each month. That’s all. Then they could spend time with the people they care about and do the things that make their heart sing.

Laura has done just this through authentic joy. She found through her life’s work that she could help people balance work and play without sacrifice for either one.

Laura became a world traveler, experienced amazing adventures, and at the same time created amazing experiences and memories with her family and friends.

Laura’s Joy Link:  LOVE
“I love being with people and making meaningful moments that I will never forget.”

How different would life be if you woke up each morning with joy in your heart, jumped out of bed, and couldn’t wait to get at it? Like when you were a kid and the fair was in town, remember?

Laura is waking up each day and now and jumps out of bed to continue keeping Johnny’s spirit alive by reaching thousands and thousands of teens across America.

Please do what you can to help keep Johnny’s spirit alive.

Thank you Laura for sharing your authentic joy with us. Your strength and courage are beyond comparison.

VOICE OF JOY – Lisa Monette

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Meet Lisa: Thought Leader, Video – Professional Speaking & Communications Coach

Lisa says she loves to help people find their voice and bring it out, especially creatively on video.  Its because she is really good at it, for her clients of course, but it shows in how she shows up in the world every day.

The key to massive success is to keep yourself just slightly uncomfortable and get used to that feeling.

It’s not easy to stand out and reveal yourself to the world. We learn early in life that it’s often easier to blend in. Standing out in a school setting often results in bullying and teasing. It gets easier in adulthood, but those early lessons can be hard to shake.

The world needs your individuality. And you need to be yourself. Life is never completely satisfying while you’re pretending to be less than you really are.

Lisa likes to Identify what’s unique about herself and you. Questions she asks might be, What can you do better than most people? What are your natural gifts and talents? What is unique about you? What can you bring to the world that’s in short supply? What is your greatest value to the world, and more than that, to yourself, to your spouse, your neighbor? How are you different from others?  What gives you the most joy?

Lisa’s Joy Link In Life: Dance 
There’s a light beautiful dance that threads through my life, from my home in Hawaii, to dancing my whole life, to do my own thing as a Mary Kay make up artist to the blazing to the front of the line to do the firewall with Tony Robbins.

Q: If you could put your DANCE in a box and carry it on the airplane, what would that look like?
Lisa: High Tech Mary Poppins Box – Very special box where I can live out of the box.

Q: How do you like the JOYE CHAIR?
Lisa: I like it, I feel like I am in a Lamborghini. I want to shift and go up this high mountain.  There is something very special about the white leather. It feels like someone is holding you. And it stops and and makes you choose for a minute.

Continue to grow, that is Lisa’s mantra.  Always be pushing forward. You don’t have to go fast to end up someplace great. You simply need to keep moving.

We admire those that are willing to be themselves. In a sea of seemingly average people, those brave enough to present themselves honestly to the world are valued and respected. You can be one of those people. Take a deep breath and reveal your true self, it feels like real joy when you do that.


Thank you Lisa for sharing your talents and vulnerability. The world needs you.


Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Meet Kyle:  KKV Marketing, Social Media, Branding, Transformation Coach

“I love to help people take an idea they have and help them light it up.  It truly is remarkable when they realize what they truly have, especially when it takes on a life of itself. “

Once you start living life joyfully daily, your frustration, anxiety, and doubt are replaced with optimism, enthusiasm, and fulfillment in all that you do. Life seems simpler. The sun seems to shine more. Others say you look different, more radiant, and more alive. You ARE different.

It all begins when you make that decision to let go of everyone and everything that no longer serves you. The change can be dramatic. The feelings are permanent. Try it for yourself. You’ll be glad you did!

Q: Why is a joy focus first?
Kyle: So many people put joy on the back of their mind, not realizing that when you focus on joy, it can transform your life.

Kyle’s Joy Link:  Accepted
Acceptance of myself, when I was on that stage, I felt nervous at first, at the end I felt accomplished.  I finally felt accepting of myself, which really is all that matters. It was a self-talk moment, I can do this feeling.

Q: Kyle, if you had to box up “Accepted” and share it, what would it look like?

Kyle:  A small Backpack, 5-10 pounds max.  People are always searching, looking for the next level, why am I not yet this or that, and where is success?.  This backpack is a reminder that it does not take that much to develop the skills for what is needed to live a joyful successful life.

Q: Who would you give that backpack to?
Kyle: The person I am thinking of is someone who has a dream to do video work. He is talented beyond belief, but doubt gets in his way.  

Q: How do you like the JOYE CHAIR?
Kyle: I think this chair is phenomenal. Every person that will be allowed to sit in the chair has a different vision, different life, and different story. Stories are meant to be shared because they are so impactful.  I think because this chair is so “grand” it allows people to speak to an audience and really give heartfelt value.

Kyle’s last statement in this video is why JOYELY exists. He states that true honest joy is something he strives for every day.  “When you can look in the mirror at the end of the day and truly feel joy, well that’s all there is.  If we each said, Today let joy be on the forefront, I think it would transform lives.  It would change the way people would look at life.


Thank you Kyle for inspiring us to put joy first.  Joy is in your heart, and therefore it is in ours.

JOY IS LEGACY – Marcus Miller

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Meet Marcus: Founder and Brand Strategist, SM Consulting, and Branding.

What gives Marcus joy?  Marcus states that creating a company that his daughter can be proud of is his number one joy. Second is helping people move along in their business, as long as they are moving forward, that is what keeps him motivated, joyful, and feeling accomplished.  After he did so well on Instagram himself, he felt he had something to share.  Marcus’s story is one of great success, and his legacy is to give his daughters more than he had is well on its way to being complete.

One of Marcus’s go-to strategies: Believe in Yourself Through the Toughest Times

Your mindset will determine your level of success or lack thereof. A positive mindset can empower you to abolish hurdles before they become too challenging.

Try these strategies to help you remain steadfast when you’re feeling the pressure of tough times:

Reflect on the past. Surely you’ve encountered seemingly insurmountable situations in the past. How have you succeeded in the most unpleasant scenarios? Clearly, your ability to overcome these situations speaks loudly for your strength and abilities.

During COVID finding joy is different says, Marcus.  People have been forced to pay attention to what’s important. It’s a lot of responsibility, it’s scary sometimes, and it’s challenging running a business and now especially so.   He continues on as now is as good of a time as any to show yourself what you’re made of.

Everyone encounters hard times – it’s simply a part of life. And a very major part of how you will address these hard times is dependent on your mindset and your ability to believe in yourself, even throughout the toughest of times. Remember, you attract the energy you exude!


Thank you Marcus for facilitating marketing strategies, your children are proud, and so are we.


JOY IS IN COACHes Pocket – Aluja “Coach Noy” Bramble

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Meet Coach Noy:  Fitness Boxing Instructor

What gives Coach Noy Joy?

Coach Noy explains that he enjoys allowing people to be themselves in and out of the gym as well as seeing the change his clients create through his training. 

The need to be live a joyful life drives everyone, but people pursue this joy through different means. Some believe they would have more happy moments if they can only amass a large enough fortune. Others believe they’ll be happy by helping others. Some pursue a family, while others believe the freedom of staying single provides a better opportunity for happiness.

The joy they seek however is free and available 24/7.

Carlos Santana said, “If you carry joy in your heart, you can heal any moment.”

Coach Noy sees it similarly.  He says, “I carry a box of smiles in my pocket so I can share it with everyone I meet.”

Q: What joyful moment came to mind?
Coach Noy: Two things, first my real joy is my son smiling at me, if I could spread that feeling to the world everyone would feel so joyful all the time. And the second joyful moment was when a client came to my gym a few days ago.  She was feeling a little down and by the end of our session, she cracked a smile.

Coach Noy’s Joy Connection: The Smile
There is no box big enough to carry around the number of smiles I want to share each day.

Q: If you could put “SMILES” in a package and carry them with you, what would that look like?
Coach Noy:  Ok, he says with a big smile, if I have to…I would carry them in my pocket, maybe a small ring box so I could keep them with me at all times and share them with everyone that I come in contact with.

Gratitude is an important component of being joyful. If you have a lot to be grateful for, you’ll naturally be filled with joy. Coach Noy makes gratitude a habit. Check his Instagram for proof.  Always positive, always grateful.


Thank you Coach Noy for always putting out positive messages and for sharing that contagious smile with your fitness clients and everyone you meet.  Your son is one lucky little boy.

JOY IS COURAGE – Marilyn Sherman

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Meet Marilyn:  Inspirational Speaker On Stage, On Screen or On-Demand

Marilyn’s greatest joy is when her message is resonating with people that she is connecting with.  One of the most powerful messages she asks the members of her audiences to take their front row in life. Watch Video as you will hear example after example of how Marilyn facilitates the renewal of confidence and courage.

Stand up for what you believe. Regardless of the venue, stepping forward to make a point is a pretty brave thing to do. Have you ever decided you weren’t going to take it anymore? Standing up for yourself can garner the respect of others, as well as improve your situation.

Have you ever thought of yourself as brave? You may find it challenging to imagine how courage would be a part of things like your social life, going to work, or communicating with your spouse. However, courage is important to all types of situations and relationships. Remembering your natural bravery will also boost your confidence, self-esteem, and ability to experience joyful days.

Marilyn serves volunteers at the homeless shelter with JOY and DIGNITY.   Joy is looking into the guest’s eye and saying with confidence, Good Morning.  And dignity is showing up with no judgment.

Look people in the eye. If you’re shy or feel awkward, looking people in the eye or chatting with someone you just met takes a certain amount of inner strength and fearlessness. But each time you muster up the courage, you gain more self-confidence for the next social situation – and that gives you JOY.

Q: What would you say to those trying to figure out how to get to the front row?
Marilyn:  I would let them know they are not alone, and most importantly to get out of their situation and see what they can do to be of service to someone else who cannot repay them. What they often realize is that no matter how bad they have it, someone else is a lot worse!

Q: How do you like sitting in the JOYE Chair?
Marilyn: Its great, but I would love more room so that I could have other people sit with me. The ultimate front-row seat is to usher someone else to their front row.

Speak up. Standing up for the project you want to do at work illustrates a lot about you. Stepping forward to claim what you hope to do exhibits fearlessness.


Thank you Marilyn your service to others, for standing up, looking people in the eye, and speaking up so that others can experience Joy through confidence and courage. .

MASON JAR JOY – Kristina Coll

Location: Osceola, Iowa,

Meet Kristina Coll: Certified Spiritual Consultant, Instructor, Group & Retreat Facilitator

A study reported by Psychology Today asked volunteers to talk about what goes through their minds. They found that the average participant had about 500 unintentional thoughts each day.

Based on this, how can we stay focused, stay true to our essence, and stay present? Is joy even on our brain’s agenda?

 It is and more. Wait until you meet Kristina Coll. 

This interview was so joyful to co-create. We shot on location at the Hickory Hills Country Park on a gorgeous summer day in Iowa. Kristina has a glow about her that is just breathtaking. Her ability to talk about being present and seeing her BE present at the moment is joyful and a sight to behold. All the while we were taping, her two children were climbing and playing all around us. Kristina, in her grace and poise, made it all so incredible to watch.

The editing in this video from Kristina’s videographer and friend, Alma Gonzalez is crazy good. The little bits of music plus capturing the playfulness from the kids as they moved around the space is undescribable except on video. The outcome is you will likely feel authentically joyful by watching this production. Thank you, Alma

Watch the video! You can see and feel Kristina’s joy at her core. You will believe that joy is her attitude. It is clear that joy needs to be first, the proof is right before our eyes.

Kristina is joy and joy is the reason for her being so present. More importantly, joy allows Kristina to choose her reality and live daily with that incredible smile.

Please watch the whole video and you see what I mean.  

Q: How would you describe your joy?
Kristina: Being Present! When I am still with myself, I know what is for me. I believe in possibility. 

Q: If you could put joy in a box and give it away, what would it look like?
Kristina: A mason jar with beautiful crystals inside. It would radiate rainbow colors and the light would bounce off of it. 


Thank you Kristina for stepping into your genius. You have a powerful and magical inner joy that looks like love for all humans. And thank you for the forever memory of joy with you and your children at Hickory Park.


JOY is the goal, but it can’t be pursued. It just happens when you’re living your life. A few good friends, the right mindset, and gratitude are all that is required to have a joyful life.

An investment banker and a Buddhist monk are still pursuing the same thing, only in dramatically different ways.

There’s no reason to put off learning about joy until you’re married, make six figures, or climb Mount Everest. Joy is inside of you, it has been all along.

Joy is raw, and tapping into that raw joy takes courage, and lucky for you, it allows you to counter balance all the pain and the negativity.


Thank you Kevin for this video.  It is perfect.  And Thank you for the work to help us prepare for all these videos from our guests.  They all did an outstanding job.  We are grateful for you and your ability to share your heart.


Occupational wellness inspires us to prepare for work in which we will gain personal satisfaction and find enrichment in our life. This dimension of wellness recognizes the importance of satisfaction, enrichment, and meaning through work.

Ed’s Quotes

Right now we are capturing memories.

The moments during this quarantine will be memorable. Do some creative things and take some pictures.

Physical distancing does not mean social isolation.

View the world from their perspective. 

Ed Tate is an award-winning international keynote speaker, trainer, author, and former executive. Worldwide he is known as “The Speaker Who Energizes, Educates and Entertains!” To date, he has spoken professionally in 50 states, 25 countries, and on five continents.

Thank you Ed for sharing your perspective of the world with me. Your heart and intention for helping people is clearly your joy.  You made my day with this interview.

INFLUENCER OF JOY, Brittny H. Ferguson

Meet Brittny.  A True Influencer of Joy

Brittny is a Visionary, Business Executive, and Community Liason.
She is the CEO of Once Upon Her Life.

Community is what gives Brittny joy.  She believes she is responsible for giving back and serving others when needed.

During this interview, Britny tells a story about a person she helped 2 years ago found her to say Thank you.

Thank you, Brittny for being so audacious in your joy and staying true to your passion for serving others.  You are indeed proof that putting JOY on the front burner is the reason you are a living, walking breathing joyful human!