Chair of Joy™ Tour Schedule

  • Dallas, TX – November 30, 2020 – Host Dr. Alise Cortez
  • Austin, TX – Dec 1, 2020 – Host Sandra Dee Robinson
  • Dallas, TX – Dec 2-3, 2020 – Host Tony Martinez and C-Suite
  • Houston TX – Dec 4, 2020 – Host
  • New Orleans, TX – Dec 5, 2020 – Host Dan Brady
  • Pensacola, FL– Dec 6, 2020 – Host Melissa Simon
  • Montgomery, AL – Dec 7, 2020 – Host
  • Atlanta, GA – Dec 8, 2020 – Host Dawn Kirk
  • Nashville, TN – Dec 9, 10, 2020 – Host Debra Sunderland
  • Indianapolis, IN – Dec 11, 2020 – Host JoDee Curtis
  • Cleveland, OH – Dec 12, 2020 – Host Laura Mineff
  • Chicago – Dec 13, 2020 – Host Kathleen Caldwell
  • Milwaukee, WI – Dec 14, 2020 – Host
  • Madison, WI – Dec 15, 2020 – Host Joanna Burish

Chair of Joy™ Tour is Gifting Joy in 15 Cities in 15 Days – People are Simply Remembering.

Joyely Studios Founder, Sheryl Lynn and The Chair of Joy™ will be weaving through the midwestern states, focusing on the healing power of joy. 

Sheryl is asking very special Leaders of Joy like you to help us focus on joy.  She believes so strongly that joy is serious buisness™ and that we can raise the vibration of joy in ourselves by simply sitting still, in our chair or a chair of your choice. It’s a 30-minute experience that brings newsletter and wonder, most times laughter and sometimes tears of joy.  Sheryl says, “I have witnessed hundreds of times the power of the Chair of Joy™ process, and know that with the help of the people on the tour, everyone, everywhere who is listening in would begin to understand it’s power to heal.”

The Chair of Joy™ has 15 dates scheduled in 15 cities.  The Tour begins in Dallas, Texas on November 30, 2020, and ends in Madison, WI on December 15, 2020.  Cities confirmed with hosts and private studios are Dallas, TX, Austin TX, Nashville, TN,  Indianapolis, IN, Cleveland, OH and more to be announced soon. 

The Midwest portion of The Chair of Joy™ Tour has spun off due to the many people who have experienced The Chair of Joy™ Virtual Experience.  In addition, The same experience has been received by countless people in their own Chairs of Joy; living rooms, on porch decks, backyard stools, park benches, and on the stoops of American homes.   It is said that any chair, anywhere, anytime is reason enough to take a moment to enjoy. 

Sheryl Lynn states, “Many people in our communities, in our cities, in our nation have all but forgotten what joy looks like, sounds like, and feels like.  The Chair of Joy™ helps RECALL the simple things, the things that do not cost money.”  

In January 2020, Sheryl Lynn came up with the idea to bring life to The Chair of Joy™ and invite people to witness first hand the power and intention of its essence. To date, people from all over the world have sat in it virtually.  Special guests from Nevada, Colorado, Ohio, and Wisconsin have physically sat in the sanitized Chair of Joy™, only taking off their masks to speak during the experience.  

The Chair of Joy™ is Described by the Advisors of Joy as “much needed” and that “everyone needs to take a seat in it.” The Joyely mission is to help the world discover the beauty and joy that we see within.

While on the journey, video content will be gathered to support the process of creating a demonstration video (sizzle reel) to develop a deeper understanding and process surrounding The Chair of Joy™ experience. Initially, the light of joy is on working America, where joy is almost always expected but not consistently present. The focus will be on diverse individuals.  Those scheduled are CEO’s, Business Owners, and Entrepreneurs. In addition, several Song Writers, Musicians, and Band Members will add testimonials for The Chair of Joy™ as music invokes hope, inspires creativity, and goes hand in hand with living joyfully, during and beyond the Holiday Season.

All safety precautions are strictly implemented with regards to the CDC guidelines by all participants.  


If you or your teams can help out in any way, or feel you can add significant support of any kind, physically, emotionally, or financially, please reach out to me.  The Chair of Joy™ is nothing short of miraculous, and it needs many people to show it the way to those who need to experience it.  If you are moved to take action, please do so today. Contact Sheryl Lynn at 949-303-5219.