JOYELY STRATEGISTS believe joy is a serious business.  Without joy, there is no business. Our Strategic Partners are actively and uniquely positioned to elevate and level up JOYELY to meet the demands of the people during a time of continuous healing.  They are fun collaborators who are simply JOY.
We are grateful to the C-SUITE NETWORK for their continued support.

Shannon Daley

Cultural applications of digital technology. Versed in communities of alternative healers and esoteric arts practitioners

Kevin Tracey

Kevin has a genius mind for designing, developing, crafting and communicating the intangible vision. Kevin’s ability to move large organizations forward is done in ways that generate tangible results and collaborative roles to further causes.

Laura Mineff

As an interior and exterior designer, Laura has taken on the challenge of working with major developers and conquering build-outs for residential and commercial projects to reflect the changing lifestyle environments across the country.