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Julie 'Juju' Christopher

Juju is an Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the professional training & coaching and speaking industry. Skilled in the science of Business Intuition, Executive Decision-making, Communication skills, and Team Building. Contributor Leadership VIP with Entrepreneur Magazine, Thrive Global, Leading Transformational Virtual Summits, Retreats, and from your conference stages! We guarantee that your audience will never forget this experience!

Bonjour Entrepreneur!

Have you reached a plateau and got too comfortable?
Are you wondering what’s next?

Want to get to your next goal? Are you seeking a higher performance skill?

Or just beginning to create your magical path as an Entrepreneur but reluctant to get started from lack of confidence?

Perhaps you want to feel what it’s like to dial into your innate skills and super powers?

Or you are having to make a change in your life or business and need some guidance with a professional business intuitive? It’s all good ‘I got you!’

Nina Sunday

Nina Sunday founded Brainpower Training Pty Ltd and leads a team of Facilitators Australia-wide delivering essential business skills – Productivity, Sales, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership and Brainpower.

A Queensland University graduate (Bachelor of Arts, Diploma in Education) and graduate of the prestigious three-year program at Australian, Film, TV and Radio School, Nina is one of approximately 750 professional speakers worldwide to have earned Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) accreditation, the highest international speaking designation awarded to members of the Professional Speakers Association.

Matt Miller

I’m a live artist who makes fine art come to life before your very eyes.

My painting performances contribute a richness to both virtual and in-person events, leaving a memorable impression on attendees. The final product captures the spirit of the occasion and preserves its memory for life. Just imagine owning a piece of fine art the enables you step back into a special moment and relive the experience.

I began my live painting career in the trenches of the Denver nightclub scene. I would capture live bands on canvas and do live art performances on stage. From there I began travelling to Ironman triathlons to paint scenes from the racecourse, building a large clientele among endurance athletes. (Hundreds of Ironman finishers hang my artwork to celebrate their amazing accomplishment!) I’ve also been seen painting at corporate parties, NCAA games, music festivals, weddings, and more.

Hugh Ballou

Hugh Ballou is a Transformational Leadership Strategist and the President of SynerVision International, Inc.  After forty years of musical conducting experience, he now works as executive coach, process facilitator, trainer, and motivational speaker teaching leaders in many diverse fields the fine-tuned skills employed every day by orchestral conductors.  Hugh is the author of eight books on Transformational Leadership and is a recognized expert in working with leaders in churches, religious organizations, and business and non-profit communities.

Dana Humphrey

Dana has studied hot yoga, meditation, vipassana, Latihan, religion, spirituality, plant medicine, and pets. She has also completed the NYC marathon, NYC triathlon, and an Ironman. She is a Life Coach and Death Doula. Dana was born in Canada, raised in London England, and grew up in Northern California. She identifies as a global citizen and resides in Rockaway Park, on the beach in Queens in NYC.

Tracey Brown

Tracey Brown is a United States Coast Guard Veteran. After many years of undiagnosed PTSD, Tracey was educated as a Director of Physical Rehabilitation and has been working for over twenty five years to help clients get free from physical pain. For more than a decade she has specialized in pain reduction via scar tissue therapy as well as helping others move from the “pain” of playing small to the joy of playing full out, increasing joy and growth personally and in business.

Tracey learned that physical and emotional traumas have so many similarities. This “scar tissue therapy” was where she learned how to “reorganize” her understanding of how to heal her soul to allow herself to “get out of the box”. How being open to new understandings, new ideas and being a participant in our own healing process can create more freedom and joy in life and business.

Kristal Murren

Kristal Murren, President of Bossy Girl Leadership, is redefining BOSSY to mean courageous love in action. Her bossy nature is the authenticity and courage that powers her ability to influence others and never accept defeat as the final answer. Would you be stronger in life and in business if you could live
true to your authentic self? If so, you are ready to get BOSSY!

This “Bossy Girl” will walk beside you in creating excellence through adversity. Why? Because there is no joy or purpose in mediocrity. She is challenging you to unleash your potential for excellence by walking you through a powerful model of self-discovery. Together, you will unlock the key to owning your full power.

Anna Scoby

I am a creative professional. My passion is to teach/coach real life skills to ignite the student’s full potential. I am a proud developer of several curriculums/courses on soft skills for youth: Public Speaking/Debate (for students as young as 5 years old), Power of Storytelling, Young Entrepreneur, College/Job Interview Prep.

I consider myself to be a pioneer in creating real life case scenarios in my classrooms and with my curriculums for students to develop and polish their desired skills. I love teaching in the classroom and am constantly discovering new things that help me stay current and relevant in the industry.

Joshua Gold

Joshua Gold, a native of Brooklyn, NY, graduated from Pace University with a BA in Public Accounting. That degree, a love of business and a thirst to achieve and to assist have propelled him through a very diverse and successful professional career that included a 15-year partnership with his Dad, Max, in their own successful New York accounting practice. Those invaluable experiences enabled him to better understand what consistently drove business and personal success and helped him better identify what would become his true calling.

Joshua is anything but your prototypical accountant-type. Josh was heavily involved in the music business beginning in his early twenties. Although he never achieved the individual rock stardom he dreamed of, he did become a respected and successful tour manager, working with and traveling around the globe with a variety of legendary acts including The Who and Johnny Winter.

Eva Vennari

My name is Eva Vennari, known as “The Healing Rebel” and I say we CAN have it all. Energy like you’ve never experienced before, and a natural glow that helps you feel, and look younger: no fads, no trends, and drug-free.

Truly, my story was that of “need is the mother of invention”. It was a journey of sacrifice turned self-love, what ended up being my most valuable life lesson. As I sought medical attention, I realized that was only one of the ways to heal burn-out, chronic fatigue, insomnia, depression, fibromyalgia, and hypothyroidism. I was told I’d be on medications for the rest of my life.

Bailey Romatoski

Bailey Romatoski has recently joined the Global Inventory Operations team as a Data Automation Specialist at Nike’s World Headquarters in Portland, OR.  With five years in the corporate world (most recently at Daimler Trucks North America), Bailey’s passion for cultural change and focus on emotional intelligence has grown exponentially.

Bailey briefly served as the National Chair, leading a group of 5 director-level local chairs, and ~30 volunteers for project management. She spoke with vulnerability to hundreds of people all over the US & Mexico before starting Nike in January 2022.

Chris Coursey

The Coursey’s live in West Michigan with their two boys, Matthew and Andrew.

Chris and Jen Coursey lead and design the THRIVE Training program that uses brain-based exercises to train leaders, families, and communities in the 19 relational skills and the Immanuel Lifestyle.

Chris is  an ordained pastoral counselor, published author and international speaker. Jen is a teacher, blogger, THRIVE trainer, and synchronized dance instructor.

Chris and Jen have been transformed by the 19 relational brain skills and the interactive Immanuel Lifestyle. Because of the profound transformation of their character and relationship, they want the world to hear what God has done in their lives and understand what God can do to help others.

Burcu Onaranel

Burcu Onaranel is an Inspirational Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, and the owner of Joyy! Marketing and Coaching. Also the creator and the host of Coffee o’clock Podcast.

Joyy! helps women who are lost and stuck in their life to gain confidence and clarity about what they do professionally, find joy and own their authentic self. Burcu is also an International & Motivational Speaker and the Creator of an international self-development and speaking platform called The Joy of Speaking Club. One of her top speeches is about comfort zone. She believes that when people leave their comfort zone, they can find their authentic self.

Nazli Ersen

Nazli Ersen is a visionary entrepreneur and the Founder & Executive Director of BlinkMinds. Nazli established BlinkMinds as an umbrella non-profit organization that brings together the best unique and powerful cohort learning experiences for organizations, schools, and individuals that create space for mastery. She has worked in different industries as an influencer who thrives on tough challenges and translates visions and strategies into action. She believes that a person can realize their fullest potential only when they’re in a constant state of growth.

She was born by the Aegean Sea Coast. She has studied the French Language as her BA in Lawrence, Kansas and spent 8 months in France as an exchange student. She has moved to New York in 2006 where she completed her post-baccalaureate in Finance at Columbia University and MS in HR Management and Organizational Effectiveness at NYU.


Sheryl Lynn

Sheryl Lynn’s leadership ability and experiences help her approach client issues with a practical, solutions-based focus. Her experience includes roles as the founder and owner of a successful family-owned consulting firm, where she was the director of marketing and public relations. She was also the business development director for several firms in the consumer-packaged goods industry.

Sheryl led organizations where she worked with business owners and entrepreneurs on their business, marketing and strategic plans.

Rich Bontrager

I am a survivor – and a thriver. I have cheated death three times: defying the medical odds at birth, surviving a severe fire accident at age 10, and more recently receiving a life-saving liver transplant. I bouncing back because of my grit and resilience. And despite having a horrible stutter as a child, I overcame it to enjoy a successful career as a sports broadcaster, radio and TV talk-show host, and keynote speaker.

During 2020 when many speakers assumed their careers were over or at least on hiatus, I created and host a successful TV show.

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