Time: 5:30 AM PST/7:30 AM CST/8:30 AM EST

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JOYELY Offering:
We offer you an opportunity to know and experience unlimited thinking. We give you different, unique, and easy to implement tools to shift the way you approach the day.  Expect to leave stress behind and shift to a joy mindset in our short morning mindset shift session. We are giving you an unlimited framework around joy so you can realize more abundance, prosperity, and peace daily. Join us every Wednesday!

Focusing and prioritizing joy elevates and inspires more joy, which in turn increases productivity and decreases overwhelm and stress. Not only do we need this mid-week, but we need it now. Your participation is paramount to opening up a joy mindset in the world. We can’t do it alone. See you there.

Welcome, Short Meditation – Centeredness
15 Min-Chair of Joy™
15 Min-Own Your Joy
15 Min-Shift to Joy Tool
8-10 Min of Connection with Leaders of Joy.

Sheryl Lynn
CEO & Founder of JOYELY STUDIOS | Thought Council Member & Advisor @ The C-Suite Network

Sheryl is the founder of JOYELY Studios. Her leadership ability aids her with a solutions-based focus to transform the collective consciousness. Her touchstone, Chair of Joy™, is where she invites executives, influencers, celebrities, and politicians to share what brings them joy. Sheryl Lynn is an enthusiastic leader, guiding and igniting success with a positive mindset approach to client issues. Her experience includes roles as the founder and owner of a successful family-owned consulting firm, where she was the director business development director in the consumer-packaged goods industry.


Debra Sunderland
Executive Conscious Leadership Coach to CEOs and their teams. Culture Change Strategist. Speaker. Founder & CEO of Sunderland Coaching.

With decades of leadership coaching to CEOs, executives, founders, and teams- leading retreats and speaking, Debra supports and challenge leaders and their teams in creating clarity, waking up to unconscious bias, strategic next steps, impeccable agreements, and win for all solutions that empower and change an internal culture. Shifting from drama, blame, and stress to trust, responsibility, and joy – she coaches in a diverse range of industries: from hi-tech, wealth management, engineering, healthcare, marketing, and more. Debra also advises, consults, and chairs continuous CEO boards and forums.


Mid-Week Shift from Stress to Joy!
Time: 5:30 AM PST/7:30 AM CST/8:30 AM EST

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What We Believe.

Conscious Leadership is a practice of owning what you are committed to as a leader. What we are committed to is evidenced by the results we have in every part of our life. If we have a result we do not want, it is because we are not aware of our unconscious thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs that brought this result. In an unconscious state, we are just in auto-response and the ego (amygdala) is driving our decisions. To notice this state is the power to choose our thoughts and actions–to be present. Conscious tools provide leaders new perspectives that transform how they have been viewing the nagging issue in their life/work. Our time together is interactive, challenging, and truly brings change from the inside out. Move from stress and drama to joy and peace-while getting the outcomes you want. Be the creator of your life in all areas! It always starts with what you believe.

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