________________ February 3, 2021 – 50 MINUTES Time: 5:30 AM PST/7:30 AM CST/8:30 AM EST Focusing and prioritizing joy elevates and inspires more joy, which inturn increases productivity and decreases overwhelm and stress. Not only do we need this mid-week, but we need it now. Your participation is paramount to opening up a joy mindset in the world. We can’t do it alone. See you there. Agenda: Welcome, Short Meditation – Centeredness 15 Min-Chair of Joy™ 15 Min-Own Your Joy 15 Min-Shift to Joy Tool 8-10 Min of Connection with Leaders of Joy. Unlimited Thinking. We are shifting the way people live and work. We are giving them an unlimited framework around joy so they can realize more abundance, prosperity, and peace. We believe that benefits far outweigh most obstacles for you to attend this meeting. instructions for joining are below. If you have a friend who’d like to check it out, they should go here to get started. Time: 5:30 AM PST/7:30 AM CST/8:30 AM EST Mid-Week Shift from Stress to Joy! February 3, 2021 – 50 MINUTES Time: 5:30 AM PST/7:30 AM CST/8:30 AM EST Zoom LInk: RSVP~ activate Campaign What We Believe.

Conscious Leadership is a practice in owning what you are committed to as a leader. What we are committed is evidenced by the results we have in every part of our life. If we have a result we do not want, it is because we are not aware of our unconscious thoughts, behaviors and beliefs that brought this result. In an unconscious state, we are just in auto response and the ego (amygdala) is driving our decisions. To notice this state is the power to choose our thoughts and actions–to be present. Conscious tools provide leaders new perspectives that transform how they have been viewing nagging issue in their life/work. Our time together is interactive, challenging, and truly brings change from the inside out. Move from stress and drama to joy and peace-while getting the outcomes you want. Be the creator of your life in all areas! It always starts with what you believe.


Debra Sunderland Sheryl Lynn

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