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February 23, 2020
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March 11, 2020

Joy Gram Post Card


07 – share with a close family member or a neighbor
27 – put on co-workers desk or give to someone who is helpful
77 – ooohlalala – you are a spreader of joy, the mayor, the fire chief
127 – and your off – the President, the non-profit leaders, the minister
500 – well you know what to do, the senator, the climate change leader

Open your hearts and take the cover off your pen. Spend a few minutes of your day to tell someone how much joy they give/gave you. Tell them THANK YOU for all the joy they bring to your life. You can drop it off on a friend’s doorstop, place it secretly on the desk of a co-worker or put a stamp on it and mail it to your Mother or long distance friend. The possibilities are unlimited and the joy will ripple around the world.
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JOY GRAM Explained Please be creative how you use the JOY GRAMS.You know that girl dancing in circles around your car when she is pumping your gas? You know that that gentleman who parked your car with extra care? You know that teacher who goes above and beyond? And yes, you know that doctor that had more bedside manner than you could possible imagine?We are asking that you simply stop long enough to tell them so. Write it down with all the love and joy that is oozing in your veins. Take the time to breathe life into your words, make them come from your heart. These words will be joy radiating around the world. Send a JOY GRAM often, daily if you can. Buy them for yourself and gift them to others so they can spread the joy. We need it now!Tell the gas station attendant that she made your day a whole lot more joyful. Give her the card in the moment, and also an extra one so that she can it share with her boss. Share with the gentleman that parked your car how is handling of your vehicle gave you a smile and filled you with joy. And that teacher, ooooohhhhhlalala, please tell him that his kind words about your daughters history test was the fuel of the entire dinner table conversation. Finally, that doctor, please tell her, what a precious moment it was to watch her treat your Dad with such kindness and respect.Share your stories on social media with the hashtags:#joygram #joyitforward #joyely #ajoymovementor email us at
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