JOYELY Helps Mason Spread JOY!
Creating memories creates lasting joy. Things come and go. Memories are forever.  Baseball Art and igniting passion behind STICKBALL again is extremely joyful. We are proud to support.

Meet Mason:
Brand: MoonShot 35 – The Art of Hitting
Welcome to MoonShot 35! We are a baseball bat design company.
We offer unique, one of a kind baseball art. Each one is individually created and designed by baseball player and fanatic MASON NOLAN, Age 9.

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Description: Display your love for the game in your bedroom, game room, or sports lounge with a one of a kind, urban style splash and streak painted maple wood baseball bat. These modern, abstract, action paintings are explosions of curing lines, shapes, and colors. A beautiful swing is a work of art. Be different. Instead of hanging a canvas on your wall, hang a MOONSHOT 35 baseball bat, because hitting is an art.

Price: $40
Free Shipping for First 20 (collector’s Items, handcrafted and numbered).


Description: Stickball Bat! We are bringing old school stickball back. These bats are each handmade uniquely for the player. Stickball is a game to play in the street with a stick and tennis ball or ideally a Spalding Ball. (see link below)

See more about Stickball and Mason’s story below.

Price: $20


Description: Stickball plus one (1) High Bounce Rubber Spalding Ball! You are ready to go outside and play stickball.

Price: $25
Free Shipping for the first 200

Stickball was once an integral part of the urban youth experience. Stickball is a street game related to baseball, usually formed as a pick-up game that follows the rules of baseball despite using different forms of equipment. Stickball, as we know it, gained massive popularity in the 1940s and 1950s in large cities like New York City – the Bronx, Harlem, Brooklyn, the Lower East Side of Manhattan. It quickly spread like wildfire to cities like Boston, Philadelphia, California, Florida, and then to Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic mainly because not everyone has a stadium. Not everyone has thousands of fans screaming their name. Not everyone has access to a field. Some don’t even have their own bats. But we all have the streets. No gloves or bats needed. Just a stick and a rubber ball. A place where home plate may be a manhole cover, a foul ball may be a sidewalk or a building, and a homerun is a rooftop or a porch. How come you may have not heard of this game? That’s because popularity in the game dropped dramatically in the late 1980’s as youths had alternatives to turn to; including video games, cable television, skateboarding and now in the 2020s and the age of the Internet and smartphones, it’s easier for kids to be inside glued to their devices.

MOONSTICK 35 aims to bring the old school back. The nostalgia of “America’s Pastime” being played in our neighborhoods, get our kids faces out of their phones and outside playing. Competition. Trash talking. Hustle. Drinking water out of garden hoses. Unity and community back to our blocks. The original “social” media. Fun. Play. Grind. All the while developing increased hand to eye coordination by having to hit a ball with a stick for our young baseball and softball players. Once a MOONSTICK 35 is in your hands, don’t just swing for the fences, swing for the MOON!


Mason’s jersey number is #35, just like his favorite MLB player Cody Bellinger, also jersey #35! Cody plays for the Dodgers and was MVP in 2019. This picture is a few years ago when Mason was a little younger, but still showing his love for the game. Mark posted it on Instagram and tagged Cody. Cody actually replied with one word: “Sick!”

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