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JOYELY Membership Enrollment

Existing Together IN JOYELY MEMBERSHIP Has Everyone Benefiting!

Existing Together IN JOYELY MEMBERSHIP Has Everyone Benefiting!

The ocean is vast because it admits all rivers. We are great alone, but greater together.

We might come from different backgrounds, ethnicities, religions and upbringings, but we bring to the table new skills, unique experiences, and common ambitions- our differences are our strengths. That is how we’re stronger together, we are all in the same boat, and in case that boat sinks, don’t worry, according to Stephen Hawking, teamwork means you don’t always have to take all the blame yourself.

With a JOYELY Lifestyle mindset, no current is too strong and no wave is too high when we all stand tall on the shore, together, connecting to our inner joy, feel the calm wash over you, and enjoy the beautiful sail to a higher state of Living JOYELY.


$0 monthly

  • Weekly Living JOYELY Newsletter
  • Podcast New Release Reminders
  • Access to Private JOYELY Facebook Group
  • Network with Guest Pass to JOYELY Ever After Hour – Virtual Monthly
  • 12 Minute Chair of Joy™ Video Practice/Meditation
  • Chair of Joy™ Practice (PDF)
  • JUMPSTART Living JOYELY (Worksheet)
  • Living JOYELY Guide (PDF)


$47 monthly

  • All Standard Features PLUS
  • JOYELY Ever After Hour – Virtual Monthly
  • JOYELY Podcast Guest – After 6 Months of Membership
  • Joy Swag Gift
  • Access to monthly community calls and live events
  • Unlimited access to past trainings
  • JOYELY Plus member-only specials & exclusive content
  • Article about You on Website with backlinks (6 questions)
  • VIP Featured Chair of Joy™ Sessions
  • Being an Ambassador of JOYELY (Digital Badge, signature,.. etc)
  • Social Media Activation (2-3 posts across channels)

Here are testimonials from a few of our members!

Jan Goss Gibson

Position : CEO, Civility Consulting

Jan Goss-Gibson is one of those people you do not soon forget. She is a woman on a mission.

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Tony Martinez

Position : President & Owner, Silver Horn Media

Tony Martinez, President and owner of Silver Horn Media, LLC, is award-winning documentary filmmaker.

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Sandra Dee Robinson

Position : CEO Founder, Horsepowered Consulting

We just have to care about our life’s mission with soul stirring fire and stop wasting time judging ourselves.

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Scott Schilling

Position : Owner, Schilling Sales & Marketing, Inc

Scott Schilling feels extremely blessed to be able to follow his heart and passion to help others.

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Sean G. Murphy

Position : Manager/Founder, Murphy Holdings LLC

Sean G. Murphy describes his experience learning about the Chair of Joy™.

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Tasha Smith

Position : Founder, Your Journey From Within

I am an old soul and lover of life who believes in chasing my dreams.

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We looking forward seeing your enrollment in one of our memberships as we want to network with you! Also meet some of the most amazing, influential thought leaders n the world. Be sure to confirm your enrollment when the email arrives in your inbox!