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Jan Goss Gibson

Position : CEO, Civility Consulting

Jan Goss-Gibson is one of those people you do not soon forget. She is a woman on a mission; a positive charge in a negative world, an agent of change. She has written numerous programs to help others live life to the fullest in their personal and professional lives.

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Tony Martinez

Position : President & Owner, Silver Horn Media

Tony Martinez, President and owner of Silver Horn Media, LLC, is a distinguished award-winning documentary filmmaker, bilingual media and business performance coach.

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Dr. Alise Cortez

Position : Chief Purpose Officer / Management Consultant – Awakening Passion, Inspiration and Purpose, Dr. Alise Cortez and Associates

Dr. Alise Cortez is the chief purpose officer at Alise Cortez and Associates (management consulting) and chief ignition officer at Gusto, Now!

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Michael Yorba

Position : Chairman and CEO, Advance Community Fund

For over thirteen years Michael Yorba has been integrally involved with the media industry in various capacities including building an IPTV Network, developing, producing and hosting daily one-hour talk shows entitled “Commodity Classics” and “The Traders Network.”

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Sandra Dee Robinson

Position : CEO Founder, Horsepowered Consulting / Charismatic Cowgirl Executive Coaching

We just have to care about our life’s mission with soul stirring fire and stop wasting time judging ourselves.

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Scott Schilling

Position : Owner, Schilling Sales & Marketing, Inc

Scott Schilling feels extremely blessed to be able to follow his heart and passion to help others through sharing years of experience across a range of industries. When asked what he does, the short answer is: “I help people, help people!”

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Sean G. Murphy

Position : Manager/Founder, Murphy Holdings LLC

Sean G. Murphy describes his experience learning about the Chair of Joy™ and how he sees that corporate America will benefit!

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Tasha Smith

Position : Founder, Your Journey From Within

I am an old soul and lover of life who believes in chasing my dreams. I believe our biggest gift in life is time, so I try to cherish every moment. For me, life is a journey that I’m not afraid to face just because things get messy.

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Heidi Ganahl

Position : Founder, SheFactor

Hi, I am Heidi Ganahl, and I am a Colorado entrepreneur, mom of four, and statewide elected official. My story is outlined by extraordinary adversity in my life. Beginning with the loss of my husband at the age of 27, then losing a million-dollar insurance settlement, I picked up my entrepreneurial spirit & channeled my leadership skills to help me get back up …

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Kris Morwood

Position : Business Owner, OH Zone Space

Serving the nonprofit community is my passion. Currently, I’m working to establish a Social Responsibility Coalition for the cannabis, hemp and entheogenic industries, made up of business operators, contractors, and government regulators. This strategic partnership seeks to answer questions, establish new methods to engage and educate, lead by example…

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Gina Schreck

Position : CEO, The Village Workspace

Gina is the founder of SocialKNX, a digital marketing & social media management agency and the owner/operator of TWO FABULOUS COWORKING SPACES, The Village Workspace and BarnWorx –both in Centennial Colorado.

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Meghann Conter

Position : Owner, Chief Laugh Instigator, The Dames, LLC

Meghann is a marketing and branding expert who specializes in helping companies led by female industry leaders leap over revenue targets. Meghann is also the founder of The Dames, a national community that celebrates high-level leaders in nonprofits.

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Lisa Fasullo

Position : Founder & Director, Center for Transformative Movement

As founder and director of The Center for Transformative Movement in Boulder, Colorado, Lisa fuses her passion for music and dancing with research and raising public awareness about the physical, emotional and transcendent health benefits of freeform movement and dance.

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Keith Larson

Position : CFO/CBO (Chief Financial Officer/Chief Business Officer), AllHealth Network

Keith proudly serves the organization as the protector of the financial health of our clinical business. A former U.S. Air Force Sergeant, Keith spent many years leading a Fortune 500 company and supporting the development of highly successful startups.

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Dr. Stevie Dawn

Position : Professional Speaker and Coach

Dr. Stevie Dawn is a professional speaker and coach with over 20 years of teaching and training experience. After an adventurous career as a dancer, an injury led her to have to choose a new path. After diving back into school, Dr. Stevie Dawn emerged as a thought-leader in leadership and emotional intelligence.

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