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If the JOYELY Master Coach Program was a martial art, it would be the Black Belt to the coaching career.

A Guide for JOYELY Coaches

If the JOYELY Master Coach Program was a martial art, it would be the Black Belt to the coaching career. As its name suggests, this program makes you a Master at coaching JOYELY. It is the highest-level certificate and the strongest qualification to coaching JOYELY clients. The Master of JOYELY program is developed to provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to coach at the top of your game, just like a master. Being a JOYELY Master coach, you will gain the knowledge and resources to not only coach at a master level, but also to further your own self-development and personal growth, as well as be a part of our active and supportive community.

How will a JOYELY Certification help you?

The JOYELY Master Program gives you a valuable and distinctive training and certification in a program that grants you a stage with massive numbers of potential clients- those seeking to harness the power of joy and living JOYELY.

Your new status as a MASTER of JOYELY will generate a lasting and exponential increase of potential clients interested in learning from you. It has indispensable ideas and solutions for you to coach your clients to their goals and “success”, driving your business to the next level. It is a hack, a portal, to connect the highly qualified coach with the driven client, allowing you to propel the growth of your client pool.


Be part of a grand positive change.

While you are on your journey to acquiring your JOYELY Master certificate, you will experience new-found mental clarity for your own goals. The joyful journey will replenish your well of ambitions and will nurture your commitment and determination to master the skills of JOYELY living. Your mind will experience a sense of being part of a grand positive change bigger than itself and will be fueled by the JOYELY way of thinking- the JOYELY Philosophy.

One of the biggest benefits of coaching JOYELY is the positive, safe, welcoming community that’s built on spreading joy. Our coaches find that connecting with other coaches via our cohort-based, live online courses, JOYELY events, and networking opportunities is a continual source of learning, community building, and Joy.

About the Master of JOYELY Program:

In the MASTER of JOYELY program, you will learn all about the JOYELY lifestyle, develop and refine your skills in living and coaching JOYELY, and revolutionize your coaching practice by implementing the JOYELY process.

The MASTER OF JOYELY program includes a 6-week intensive program that consists of 12 hours of live training with a cohort of your peers along with 6 practicum hours of facilitating real-life Chair of Joy Educational Experiences.

In this program, you will learn to recognize the baseline of joy in others, and you will pick up valuable skills in coaching others to overcome their joy blockers, heal, and open themselves up to joy in their lives.

As a MASTER of JOYELY, you will learn how to better communicate and articulate the JOYELY Lifestyle and the JOYELY Philosophy. You will be prepared to host events of all sizes. Masters of JOYELY are thought leaders within their practices, organizations, and are part of the Global Joy Symposium.

MASTER COACH Workshop Syllabus (2 hours each):