We think WHY NOT is a better question. It is our desire to speak less of addiction, abuse, power, judgment, discrimination, depression, criticism, hate, worry, fear, and all that jazz.

We all need joy. Our families need joy, our friends and coworkers and communities need joy. The world certainly needs more joy. It would make sense, then, to focus on joy.

Some of the greatest composers in history heard their music in dreams before a single note was ever played. In a world centered on actions and products, JOYELY is your space to dream freely because we know that your dreams are your truths. It is our vision to delight in your dreams with you as your thoughts ripple through this universe. We offer growth and support for those dreams that you destine toward a tangible manifestation.

This is part of the evolution as the vision turns to the dream and the dream turns to reality. We see and offer this support to you in the form of great community gatherings that exist in digital and physical events. These are led by and for you, and guided by Sages who are in their own manifestation stage of dreams. They are leaders throughout the great migration.

We are all on our individual journeys, and we are all on a journey together.

Science tells us that even thinking about joy brings about joyful feelings in the brain. The energy of joy moves as a continuum: from something vaguely “out there”, to a dream or vision or idea within you, and either remain there, inside, percolating, or it continues to build on itself until it becomes a physical, tangible manifestation. We bring your feelings from a spark in the mind to full-on interactive production.

We have gathered Sages from all walks of life to be our hosts of authentic joy, finding our own heartbeat for things that matter. We gather those who are gaining conscious momentum in their journeys of joy. We celebrate and workshop our ideas together, and meditate and relax into the gentle flow of creative inspiration that exists around us at all times.

It’s a 3 step journey to (and in) joy, sometimes nonlinear. We have delved deep to distill ancient wisdom and methods with modern practices to outline the clearest way to not only access and maintain but actually grow your joy. As you continue on your JOYELY journey, you will discover much more about the JOYELY formula: FIND, BE AND SHARE!