JOYE Chair


There are a gazillion reasons for the JOYELY chair, JOYE as we call her for short, now sits in central WI in a vintage shop.  She is ready for the vintage memories of joy like this one.

A little 4-year-old came into the studio and climbed up and made herself comfortable.  I said, tell me a story about your joy as you see, you are sitting in JOYE, our chair that holds the secret of joy.  She quickly responded with, “My mommy had a big chair like this and she used to rock me all the time when I was a baby.”

There you have it.  A vintage memory.

Our iconic “E” in the word JOYELY has a lot of history but let’s start here.

Engagement:  Get involved, wouldn’t it be just peachy if JOY took precedence in the world?
Enjoyment:  Take pleasure in joyful times and moments, allowing them to stay near.
Enough: Joy is enough, happiness is not.  Joy is lasting, happiness is fleeting.
Entertaining: Keep it simple, entertain yourself with a dessert, or have a giggle.
Equal: We all live. We all die. We all get to choose joy.
Essential: Joy gives life to our bodies, our minds, our souls. There is no life without joy.
Every day: Joy is available in every single moment. We have access, we decide.
Elevates: Joy is in our bones.  We know we can count on it to make us better. Always.
Embraces: Having joy as our crutch gives us the power to do whatever we want.

Enlightens: When you really embrace joy, it will illuminate the path before you.
Empathy: There is so much joy in helping others to find, be, and share joy.
Energy: Joy is your natural source of energy, tap into it for unlimited inspiration and bliss.
Evolves: The power of joy! Strengthen, boost, cultivate, remember, and experience. Whew!
Everyone: The simple truth is we can all make more time for joy.  Whatever that looks like.

So how do you make JOY a priority? Is it easy? Is it worth it? Is there benefit?

Sometimes a chair is more than just a chair. Seats are pedestrian; they’re everywhere we go. That commonness, if we’re not paying attention, can let the sitter go unnoticed. The beauty within goes unseen—that is, without the right questions and frame to draw it out.

To break the common perception, it helps to have an uncommon chair. History didn’t frame The Mona Lisa in plywood. She’s wrapped by dignity worthy of her beauty. The same standard applies to you and to anyone walking by. Each is waiting for a chair that hints at the joy bubbling beneath the surface. They’re waiting for their throne, and most don’t even recognize they deserve such an honor.

We’ve crafted a frame for living, breathing Mona Lisas (and Larrys). It’s a simple throne that sets the stage to reveal the beauty and release the joy.

Many have hidden their joy and from everyone for too long. They’ve overlooked you for the last time. Our mission is to help the world discover the beauty and joy we see within.

As much as it is about the chair, it’s not about the chair. The chair’s unimportant. It could be a folding chair from Costco with a couple of coats of gold spray paint. Or one from a yard sale. It’s about you, and all the people sitting on it. YOU make it royal and you bestow dignity to it.

Katheryn Hepburn was famous for making the simplest of clothes elegant just because of how she wore them. Some people can make a burlap sack look better than Versace. Others can make Louis Vuitton look like it came from Walmart.

In our vision, we believe that inside of everyone there’s a hidden Hepburn (so to speak). There’s more to you than meets the eye, more than even you can see in yourself.

JOYE (the name we give this chair) is the canvas for the painter, the wheel for the potter, the piano for the musician.

We want to ask you the right questions and with training, we can make any seat transformative. With practice, a skilled question asker can make a couple of stools on a bare stage utterly unforgettable.

All people want to be seen, to be understood, to be valued. It’s criminal that so few people take the time to dig deep enough to see those things. JOYE is a throne that helps grease the skids a bit and gets things moving. Then it provides a fitting frame when everyone sees the true beauty and joy now sitting there. And that is you.

Come, take a seat. You’re worth it.

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