“J” Hour – JOYELY


Complimentary Zoom Call Every Monday

A Power Hour of Community, Connection & Growth!
Join a supportive community every week to feel and experience more joy.
Learn how to take back control to feel better now anytime and anywhere.
Introduction to the Chair of Joy™ Experience.

What is J-HOUR?

  • An intentional power hour to focus on alignment
  • A time to reset your mindset 
  • A revolutionary system for mental well-being
  • A new way to approach your life personally and professionally
  • A place to celebrate success
  • An opportunity  to get out of your way and open up to possibilities
  • A time to prioritize transformation to joy
  • A distraction free environment for growth
  • A scientifically methodical approach to train your brain to know joy

You are welcome to bring a friend!

Joy shouldn’t be a secret. It’s just too important. Joy is what ignites the process of personal and spiritual transformation. If you are trying to grow or change, joy is the key ingredient that makes change last.

Dr. James Wilder

Every day brings a choice: to practice stress or to practice peace.

Joan Borysenko

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