February 8, 2022
Leveraging JOY for Maximum Results in Your Business
February 24, 2022

When you think about this question, you tend to find simple answers like; laughing, being with your loved ones, seeing a cute animal or similar moments like these.

In fact the day-to-day life that most of us live is completely opposite of enjoying these simplicities of life. Think about your day. You plow through the day at work. You strive to gain attention, belonging, and even acknowledgement. In your heart you might believe that a job title will give you that feeling of joy as described above.

Is joy a concept that is one day or someday? Perhaps a car or house you want to buy is on the list of finding joy. A new relationship is exciting or a quality partner would be nice, now that would bring more joy, right?

Unfortunately however, even those amazing things when obtained can give you a sense of happiness, maybe a fleeting moment of joy, and that feels good for a while. Will they last for more than an hour, a day or a week? Do you believe that these accomplishments can provide you with sustained joy, a joy you can count on each day, day after day?

Today, I am going to share with you a few things you can practice everyday to find your inner joy and keep it alive for a longer period of time. And even when things turn upside down, you can find your back again and again, quicker and easier.

There is a movie called Inside Out, and the main character is JOY! I recommend you watch it very soon.

In the movie, 11-year-old Riley, a seemingly bright happy young girl for the most part, is a hockey player living in Minnesota. She is going along in life fine, making friends and working on finding her independence. Suddenly her world turns upside-down when her parents decide the whole family is moving to San Francisco. Riley finds herself lost and isolated. Riley’s emotions are led by JOY! Joy, a carton emotion works Riley’s other emotions like sadness, anger and fear. It’s a cool movie, I won’t tell you what happened, but do watch and discover why the emotion of joy is really everything to your well being.

Why am I telling you about this movie? I felt for a long time that I was that character Joy in my own life. I was trying to be happy all the time and stay away from all those negative feelings even though I knew I had to feel them.

You see, one of my roommates pointed that out to me one day. In 2017 I was living in Los Angeles with a lovely roommate named Firozeh. I was going through some tough times in my life but I was still pretending that I was happy and everything was ok.

Of course she knew my life wasn’t ok at that time and one day she couldn’t help herself and said lovingly to me, “STOP! You are not happy, you are not ok. I want you to sit down today and watch this movie “Inside Out” you’ll see that you are the JOY character. I am going out and by the time you finish the movie, I will return.”

I watched the movie. I burst into tears after a long time while watching the movie. I found myself in that character JOY like Firozeh indicated.

When Firozeh arrived with a cup of ice cream for me, she said “Here’s a treat honey, NOW you are fine.”

I learned that we have to feel EVERY feeling to be able to move through life so we can move forward and receive all that’s good for us.

Guess what, the emotion of joy is always within us. We only want to take care of ourselves and allow ourselves to feel whatever is in front of us. Knowing how we can call joy into our lives whenever we want is super empowering.

Here are seven (7) steps that I found that works for people to create inner joy on demand:

  1. Find a place Sit and be still
  2. Close your eyes and take deep Breaths in and out
  3. Think of some good memories that from the past
  4. Feel those memories in your body!
  5. Make a list what you are grateful for
  6. Put your hands on your heart and take another deep breathe in and out
  7. Open your eyes and look around with a new perspective

Are you ready to be the creator of your own joy? You have the power to have more joy in your heart on your daily basis. You are the controller of fear, disgust, worry. You are the JOY in your life, just like the movie!

Burcu Onaranel
Senior Producer, JOYELY LLC

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