Inaugural Golden Circle – JOYELY, FEEL BETTER NOW

Inaugural Golden Circle

Catalyzers of the Chair of Joy™ Movement.

The Golden Circle is highly networked, powerful group of successful and Leaders who are catalyzing Chair of Joy™ Movement. Together we are co-creating a Standard of Joy that maximizes results. This is a joy uprising for families, communities, and organizations.

Congratulations to these Accredited Golden Circle’s (AGC).

Founder and Business Advisor at Robin Advisors LLC

I work to help middle market companies in a variety of industries including manufacturing, life-sciences, real estate and nonprofit, meet they goals financially and strategically.

Specialties: Accounting and assurance services of small to medium sized companies in Orange County and the South Bay.

Trusted Advisor | Speaker | Presentation Coach | Supporting Smart Successful People Missing Something | Host Unbridled Life Podcast | Equine-Assisted Learning Facilitator

I’ve discovered the freedom that comes from caring about one’s life’s mission with soul stirring fire and stopping the wasted time in self judgement.

That’s why my mission is to empower leaders around the world by fine-tuning their language and presentation, leadership, video and media. I offer a select few equine-assisted coaching in exclusive retreats as a huge part of this unveiling of God-given communication strengths and abilities. (It’s a natural fit.)

Years ago, while still working as an actor in Daytime TV, I was auditioning for a role to host an infomercial when the director interrupted and asserted, “Sweetie, just be yourself.” I fell apart.

Holistic Counselor at Grow & Thrive Wellness, Wellness Writer & Editor, Author

Whether you are a wellness professional in private practice, the owner of a wellness business, a marketing director, or an editor of a wellness brand, I can help you in creating relevant, engaging, and compelling content that increases engagement and converts leads into sales.

If you’re looking for someone who understands the importance of well-researched SEO optimized content, meeting deadlines, speed, and accuracy all the while delivering materials in your unique voice, contact me today for a free 30-minute consultation.

I’m here for your website content, landing pages, newsletters, email marketing, blogs, and article writing needs.

CEO HRBoost LLC | HR Services| Fractional| Retained | Culture Coach | Author | Speaker driven by Joy & Purpose

I am the Chief Empowerment Officer/Founder of HRBoost, LLC. HRBoost is not just your turnkey HR department–we transform Chicago-area companies into talent magnets! For the price of a single full time employee, you get an HR department that actually delivers ROI, with a track record building award winning and high performance talent strategies within high growth business. We embed HR Talent within companies of (10 to 250) employees. Services can be fractional, project or retained. And Yes, larger (250 to 1000’s) employee companies do hire us on a project basis to partner in driving business impact and enabling the future of work in the middle market. We are proudly recognized as a 2017 Annual Awards for Business Excellence (AABE) by the Daily Herald Business Ledger.

Inspiring Lives International – CEO, Global Sisterhood – Exec. Director & Inspiring Lives Magazine – editor in chief, VIP 1:1 Coach, Author of 13 Books, C-Suite Network Executive, & Forbes Coaches Council

Are you a woman with a heart-centered mission who is looking to achieve your biggest dreams? Are you ready to get your unique personality, voice, and presence into the media spotlight?

I wholeheartedly believe that I was put on this purpose to teach. It lights me up to mentor and guide others! My mission has always been to uplift other inspiring and empowering women so they can make their greatest dreams a reality and impact others around the world with their stories and knowledge.

What I have realized in my 20+ years of teaching and mentoring is that there are so many beautiful, intelligent.

The Perspective Catalyst .. Storyteller | Instigator | Agitator | Philosopher

Storyteller and in-demand keynote speaker, Trevor brings his unique and hilarious perspective on self-help and self-discovery to the technology world.

Through his keynote speeches, Trevor helps technologists (with both professional development and personal development) flip their perspective on happiness, mindfulness, and work-life balance – so they can live an extraordinary life.

Trevor authored Never Iron When You Are Naked, a book of one page stories filled with advice on life your mother should’ve given you – but never did.

CEO | Entrepreneur | Author | Believer

You’re living a good story, what if you could be living a better one?

My name is Chad Burmeister – Believer, Husband, Father, Co-Founder/CEO and Author, and Super-Connector. My passion is helping extraordinary people connect to other extraordinary people, and helping people connect to God, so that they can uncover their uniqueness that God created them for.

38 For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor principalities, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, 39 neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Did you know that the simple act of creating art excites and ignites the human spirit?!

(With)in ART we find escape, wonderment, peace, love, anticipation, and calm.

But when we create art TOGETHER the act of doing so exponentially increases our CONNECTION to one another in a way that only music does

Many of us don’t get the time to create every day, so we miss out on this significant life benefit.

We help creative teams make time for art using intensely colorful watercolors, acrylics, and pastels paints.

When we spend time painting with your team, we stimulate their idea-makers, tickle their “possibilities-magnet” while zapping their “happy-generators”.

Equip you to Rock the Stage – TV Host- Emcee – Virtual Host- Presentation Coach – Virtual Stage Expert – Broadcaster / TV Host & Head of Podcast & TV Content with C-Suite Network.

• Learn media skills that grow your brand and company…
• Become a more dynamic speaker (in-person, virtual, or hybrid)…
• Host and create highly engaging virtual and hybrid events…
• Get your team and staff more confident and comfortable on the virtual stage…
• Raise your brand name and image…

Drawing on my 30 years of experience as a broadcaster, where I rarely see the audience, and hundreds of keynote presentations, I now coach top professionals to utilize broadcast media skills to elevate their stage skills.

Wholistic Life Coach, Ecotherapy Guide & Song Doula

Environmentalist, Social Scientist, Musician &
Community Organiser / Networker skilled in the coordination of:

Volunteers for community based & environmental programs
Urban Greening, permaculture and local food security programs
Environmental Education curriculum development & facilitation
Creative events for community building.

After an MBA at INSEAD, Michèle Vayn spent a few years in a CPA firm. Bilingual in French and English, fluent in German, her international experiences and missions made her realize that the Human Capital, if well developed and looked after, is one of the key elements of success, for all, society, firms and people. When people feel joyful about what they do, they inspire implication and the will to succeed.

After years of coaching senior executives and their teams, it became obvious to her that Joy, loving one’s life and thriving at work is a fantastic way to add value and pleasure at all levels.

Trained in coaching methods in France, Germany and the USA, her innovative way of helping teams and executives enhances each person’s potential and activates it.

Efficiency and incredible success follow naturally and the ability to prepare for the next level of success arises naturally.

Management Consultant | Speaker | Healthcare Expert | Founder & CEO at The Zechman Group

Seasoned healthcare executive with over 37 years of healthcare experience, including 20 years of executive management and CEO tenure. This experience includes three large integrated healthcare systems comprised of tertiary teaching hospitals, community hospitals, urban, and rural hospitals.

Currently seeking opportunities in:
Consulting for operations management, physician relationship and leadership development
Paid board of director/trustee positions
Speaking engagements

Kyle is endlessly curious about all of life and has managed to find deep meaning and fulfillment.

In listening to a random intuitive calling in his early 20’s, he left his home town and all things familiar to see what he could discover in the Canadian Rockies.

Kyle floated whimsically through his youth being very set on leading a life of passion and fell into the mountain town trap of excessive partying. While the daily adventures were very much in alignment with what his Soul was calling for, other masks and conditioning stood in the way of true authenticity. Even without much awareness, there was a developing connection with the Natural World; this would eventually become the foundation of his spirituality.

In a moment of inexplicable clarity, with no previous knowledge of spirituality or connection, Kyle claimed to a friend, “There’s more to life than meets the eye.”

Inspirational Coach – Consultant – Author

Terese Parkin empowers women to live with the joy of aging and to not give up on themselves. She lives a life filled with activities and vitality so that she can age with grace, zest and undeniable adventure. She is Senior Sales Consultant for the natural & organic skincare company, Lemongrass Spa Products and founder of Ageless Beauty where she takes on the role of being an inspiring coach to empower women to live with the joy of aging.

Terese’s signature workshops include ‘Loving Yourself Mirror’, ‘Own Your Own Beauty’ and ‘Style by Your Design’.

The 4-week ‘Loving Yourself Mirror’ immersion helps people define and refine their sense of style, changing the way people see and think of beauty. Her transformational ‘Own Your Own Beauty’ workshops are packed with fun and effective tips and tricks on makeup and skincare for women over 50 and the Style by Your Design workshop explores expressing your unique fashion sense.

Most recently Terese celebrated the success of the co-authored, best-selling Amazon book, ‘When Love Speaks’. The journey to bring these stories to life and linking arms with the 43 other authors was one of faith, hope, and love.

Professional Sales/Personal Coach

Kim has over 20 years of sales, promotion and training experience, and she has also been a certified coach since 2010.  She draws on these experiences to assist her in showing people how to use their story narratives to increase self-awareness, to enhance their mindset and to move to the next level of the life they want to live. She is gifted in reading people and knowing her audience, so she naturally connects and builds amazing relationships.  Working with Kim, you will feel heard, seen, understood and empowered as you learn how to choose the thoughts and strategies that allow you to align with your best self and create a life that exemplifies your values and who you are becoming.

International Speaking Coach & Brand Strategist

Goldstein is the founder of bigIDEA, a branding and marketing consultancy. Shelley used images and the written word as a tool to shape client’s stories connecting brands to their customers in environmental, fashion, sports, hospitality, and entertainment industries.

In 2020 Shelley became a Certified Ultraspeaking Coach with a system that gamifies the art of public speaking. Using games as a tool for storytelling, Goldstein has coached thousands of c-suite executives to seasoned professionals from over 35 countries into confident and impactful speakers.

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