December 6-10th, 2021

$47 for all week

  • General Admission
  • Free Membership
  • *come and go as your schedule allows

$125 VIP for all week

  • Welcome from Show Producer
  • Mentions throughout
  • Chair of Joy™ Experience with Founder
  • Introduction in Closing Ceremony

Why Attend This Event?

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“There is something very charismatic about the person who leads with Joy!”
Sandra Dee Robinson
Trusted Advisor, Speaker, Author and Actor

Welcome to the Global Joy Symposium!  Leaders have gathered, momentum is building and a movement for JOY has begun.  We all want what Sandra Dee Robinson refers to, a life worth living. And NOW, together, we are allowing the time to hear this message and learn how to implement joy in our lives. We now realize and value how this emotion impacts us daily.

Join us for this week-long event as you hear and see Luminaries speak to 17 different emotions, including joy and how each plays a huge part in our daily lives. 

Your Invitation From Sheryl & Rich


Sheryl Lynn - Founder JOYELY, LLC

Rich Bontrager - Show Producer

What’s in it for me?

  • A JOYELY Toolkit to empower a Corporate Culture of Joy ($1000 Value)
  • A Team building skills set that highlights joy, producing better communication, increased sales and productivity
  • To learn a practice that empowers you and your business
  • To learn how powerful is to be a disrupter in the workplace
  • To implement the latest research about joy for your clients
  • To learn the difference between creating joy daily vs expecting it
  • To know that you never have to waste another day being joyless
  • To realize that joy is the core to developing stronger relationships

5 Day Symposium:

  • Explanation about each level of human consciousness
  • How to use this level in real-life circumstances/overcome obstacles
  • How levels link to our current circumstance
  • Transitioning up and down on the scale all-day
  • Each speaker will share a story of how to use this level in real life/overcome.
  • How it links to our current circumstance and ideas about transitioning up the scale


  • Power attracts and force repels
  • Power serves others whereas force is self-serving
  • Power appeals to our higher nature and force to our lower nature
  • Force is limited and power is unlimited
  • When we lose our spirit we die
  • Our brain chooses fear or joy when you like your head on the pillow, and what that means for all of us

Luminaries Topics:

We will be discussing how important it is to understand our emotions, our levels of consciousness and how they impact our lives, our relationships, family, community.
Every level is equally important, every level has people who want to hear you speak to it.


  • ALL Guests and Luminaries Invited.
  • Opening Ceremony
  • Robert White : Topic: Shame
  • Linda Fisk : Topic: Guilt
  • Barbara Daoust : Topic: Apathy
  • Dr. Theresa Ashby : Topic: Grief


  • Dr. Paul Abell : Topic: Fear
  • Kyle Vermuelen : Topic: Desire
  • Tricia Benn : Topic: Why JOY is critical In business.
  • Dr. James Wilder : Topic: Anger
  • Laura Neubauer : Topic: Pride


  • Dr. Alise Cortez : Topic: Courage
  • Nicole Martin : Topic: Neutrality
  • VASSY : Topic: Willingness
  • Sharon Delaney McCloud : Topic: Acceptance
  • Tricia Benn & Panel
  • C-Suite Panel of JOY & Q & A


  • Michael Beas : Topic: Reason
  • Steve Mariotti : Topic: Love
  • Pat Armitstead : Topic: Joy
  • Lance Schiffman : Topic: Peace


  • Tools for JOYELY Living
  • Dr. Lisa D. Jenkins : Topic: Enlightenment
  • Closing Ceremony &  Celebration of our Luminaries – Featuring Chair of Joy™ Testimonials – facilitated by Jeffrey Hayzlett

Our Luminaries

Get to know our Luminaries

If you are living a busy, fast, exhausted life, experiencing information overload on a daily basis yet you know there is a better way, then the Global Joy Symposium is for you.

Together we are addressing what is critically important and often overlooked by most people. This is the thing that everyone says we NEED more of and yet we rarely pay attention to. The solution to what is important and what to do about it: Your Chair of Joy™

Chair of Joy™ Testimonials

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