Coaches – JOYELY


In the CHAMPION of JOYELY program, you will discover the tools to begin living your life JOYELY.

The CHAMPION OF JOYELY program consists of 2 hours of live training with a cohort of people like you, along with all of the resources and tools you will need to live your life JOYELY.

In this program, you will learn about the origin, reason, and vision of JOYELY and the Chair of Joy Ecosystem. As a trained CHAMPION, you will easily be able to implement the JOYELY lifestyle and to share it with everyone you know.

The CHAMPION of JOYELY is designed for everyone! And it is so easy to understand and benefit from immediately. Everyone from children to the elderly can learn and implement these principles into their daily life. And as you do, you will begin to realize the power you will create for yourself and naturally want to share it with the masses. You will transform your joylessness, anxiety, and fear and learn to replace them with courage, reason, love, and gratitude, and of course, JOY is a part of the process. The JOYELY vision is that EVERYONE who is willing and interested in living a JOYELY lifestyle engages in The Chair of Joy process and becomes a CHAMPION of JOYELY. Therefore to honor that vision, enrollment into the CHAMPION of JOYELY program is completely FREE.

In the CHAIRPERSON of JOYELY program, you will conquer and further develop the skills taught in the CHAMPION Program.

The CHAIRPERSON OF JOYELY program includes a 4-week intensive program that consists of 8 hours of live training with a cohort of your peers along with 4 hours of facilitating real-life Chair of Joy Educational Experiences.

In this program, you will become proficient in the Language of JOYELY and be able to use the JOYELY philosophy to coach others to the inner workings of living JOYELY. You will also dive deeper into the purpose and impact of this living JOYELY movement, both personally and professionally, and will be able to better guide others on their pathway to joy and peace.

As a CHAIRPERSON of JOYELY you will also get access to the powerful JOYELY toolkit to add to your coaching expertise. This toolkit gives you all the resources to coach others on how to live the JOYELY Lifestyle.

As a CHAIRPERSON of JOYELY, you will be able to host your own Chair of Joy Coaching events where you can monitor, engage, and assist small groups. These private, in-home, or at-work events can be done in-person or virtually. As a CHAIRPERSON of JOYELY, you are unique and can take your practice or profession to the next level all while engaging with the Living JOYELY community.