Coaching Certifications - JOYELY

Coaching Certifications

The JOYELY CERTIFICATION Programs are designed to deliberately make it clear that Joy is a daily intentional choice. To create a life and world that is meaningful and impactful, joy is infused into all activities. This practiced intentional focus on making joy a priority requires practice, a community and tools. Those certified will choose a Living JOYELY lifestyle and depending certification, you will learn methodologies that will show you how to access, sustain and activate a lifestyle that for yourself and others that is increasingly profound.

In this program, you will learn about the origin, reason, and vision of JOYELY and the Chair of Joy™ Ecosystem. As a trained CHAMPION, you will easily be able to implement the JOYELY lifestyle and to share it with friends and family.

In this program, you will become proficient in the Language of JOYELY and be able to use the JOYELY philosophy to coach others to the inner workings of living JOYELY. You will dive deeper into the purpose and impact of this living JOYELY movement, both personally and professionally, and will be able to better guide others on their pathway to joy and peace.

As a MASTER of JOYELY, you will learn how to better communicate and articulate the JOYELY Lifestyle and the JOYELY Philosophy. You will be prepared to host events of all sizes. Masters of JOYELY are thought leaders within their practices, organizations, and are part of the Global Joy Symposium.