We invite you to be a Sponsor as together we heal, connect and focus on a topic whose time has come. Joy. Let us share who, what and why your work matters to our communities!



  • Exposure for the entire week long event
  • VIP Treatment by Show Producer
  • A 30 Minute sponsorship interview recorded
  • Pre-show studio professionally produced
  • JOYELY Podcast on all major streaming
  • Live Panel Discussion Inclusion
  • *PRE, DURING, and POST Services


  • Exposure for entire day of event
  • Two (2) 5-Minute Interviews
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  • Exposure during (1) Speaker Event Intros, outros of Speaker
  • *PRE, DURING, and POST Services

*All Sponsors of JOYELY MEDIA receive PRE, DURING, and POST services. Production highlights will vary per sponsorship level. Mentions may or may not include: JOYELY website, press release, social media, thank-yous, video promotions, shout outs in C-Suite events, quoted, virtual background. All are relative to the level of participation.

We are grateful to have you join us and promise to go above and beyond for you. Your sponsorship provides the marketing dollars for the Global Joy Symposium, an important topic and YOU are part of The Solution on the global stage.

Admission Pricing includes $1000 of giveaways tools, tips and gifts!!!!

$125 VIP for all week

  • Welcome from Show Producer
  • Mentions throughout
  • Chair of Joy™ Experience with Founder
  • Introduction in Closing Ceremony

$47 for all week

  • General Admission
  • Free Membership
  • *come and go as your schedule allows

Description of Global Joy Symposium

Welcome to the Global Joy Symposium! Leaders have gathered, momentum is building and a movement for JOY has begun. We all want what Sandra Dee Robinson refers to, a life worth living. And NOW, together, we are allowing the time to hear this message and learn how to implement joy in our lives. We now realize and value how this emotion impacts us daily. Join us for this week-long event as you hear and see Luminaries speak to 17 different emotions, including joy and how each plays a huge part in our daily lives.

“When we go to bed at night, our brain says, fear or joy? The brain chooses one and it impacts every single thing we do.” Dr Jim Wilder, Jim Wilder, Ph.D., Neuroscience Expert